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Techdays Sweden Day 2

Techdays has ended its second day and with that its over for this year. It’s has been a good year with lots of fun sessions, new insights, new connections and last but not least lots and lots of cool demos!


Well this will be a bit of anticlimax as I missed the keynote on the second day. But from what I have been told it was a good keynote. My concern with this second hand is of course that it was Scott Hansel who did the keynote. While Scott is an expert speaker and fun to listen to he is also a developer and as an IT-pro, javascript and the likes doesn’t really give me anything. For me the keynote should be about the new technologies and how the roadmaps looks ahead or if that is not possible to share for some reason, I would like the keynote be an inspiration talk about something related to it. As an example a couple of years ago at a previous techdays the second day keynote was held by an inspiration speaker and it had nothing to do with it but at the same time it had everything to do with it. This is due to face that the speech was about “Getting things done” which most of us can relate to.

Enough rant!


Day 2 sessions for me was about the datacenter, the client, windows10, windows server 2016 and my favorite AzurePack vs AzureStack (more on this later)

Mikael Nyström (@Mikael_nystrom) and Markus Lassfolk (@Lassfolk) did a session about the modern datacenter and how to get there using no investment at all. The fact that this gives you the option to build your private cloud the fabric way with what you already have is one thing. The other is they showed how to get a good grip on your environment and how much old stuff is running and how you can consolidate that. To get this overview there is only one tool to use; Microsoft Assesment and Planning Toolkit and they of course showed you how to used it!

At the same time this was going on Marcus Murray (@MarcusSwede) and Hasian Alshakarti (@Alshakarti) showed how to hackproof your clients in a day. I have seen older versions and variations of this session before and this is well worth your time! Check this out when/if they release the sessions online!

Next up was “The Force Awakens” with Johan Arwidmark (@Jarwidmark) and Mikael Nyström (@Mikael_nystrom) showing how Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 is better together! This sessions was full. Well full doesn’t really cover it. The seats where filled, people where standing along all three walls to see the session and every open spot on the floor had people sitting in it. If the room was sized for a 100 people my guess is that there where 200 people there. When this sessions shows up if you didn’t catch it. Go see it! In their fun and relaxed way they showed news in both the client and the server and how to deploy them both.

Ending the day for me was the highlight of techdays. Mikael Nyström (@Mikael_Nystrom) and Markus Lassfolk (@Lassfolk) showed how you should be doing Self-service and why in the session AzurePack vs. AzureStack.  Session content was about diffrences between AP and AS and how the roadmap for AP and AS looks. The demos where just amazing, showing how to build a new website in seconds, powershell to AzurePack the same way you would do it to Azure. Running Backup and Restore of a server within the AzurePack Portal from the correct DPM server. This is a must see and if you haven’t setup self-service yet. Now is a good time! If you don’t know how, let me know and I will put you in contact with both Markus and Mikael so they can help you out!


Hopefully you have a nice experience at Techdays and learned a lot. Gotten some ideas on what to do going forward, I know I have. Hope to see you next year and if you have any questions give a shout below, on twitter or facebook!

The future is now decoded! 😉 

System Center 2012 R2 – Cumulative Update 5

It’s that time again, upgrade time. Nothing quite like it. Will something break? Will everything work?
Well as normal you should start planning and upgrading to CU5 for System Center 2012 R2 products.

Read more about each products in the links below.

Operations Manager More information
Virtual Machine Manager More information
Data Protection Manager More Information
Service Manager More information

I have already upgraded Operations Manager and Virtual Machine Manager and everything is still going strong so now it is your turn happy upgrading and leave a comment in the section below if something breaks or if you want to share that everything just works.