Windows Defender – the “managed antivirus”

The ever ongoing discussion on what antivirus to use Windows Defender is most of the time not an option as it cannot be managed. Well since that is not really true I tought I put together a small report to show off that it can be done and be presented in a easy way to management as well.

A while back Microsoft decided that all features and teams must deliver PowerShell comptability for the feature or product and Windows Defender is no exception so with a couple of easy steps we can get all the computers and then get the relevant information from each computer.

The script sampled here will output a simple csv file containg the information most look for, engine version, antivirus defintion version, antimaleware definition version, computername, time since last update etc. Since this is a csv file it can easily be imported into excel and manipulated to suit your needs.

As seen in the screenshots the default output is a bit messy but as seen in the second screenshot it can easily be tuned to look quite nice.



The script can be downloaded here:

As a last note, using powershell defender can also be modifed to support diffrent rules, exceptions, scan times etc. This is provided as a sample to show you don’t need a big infrastructure to manage antivirus.


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