Power Settings on Windows 7 using Group Policy

Today me and a collegue had a disccussion on an issue with the power settings beeing applied to a windows 7 Sp1 machine. To start from the begining.

We are working with a customer that has some options that they want implmenten and as a part of that serveral setting in the current power plan are to be modified. So to make these changes we created a Group Policy with setting from Group Policy Preferences.

The policy was working fine and then a new request came in, can we set the options for hybrid sleep to ON. Well ok no problem. Change made and checking on the computers. The value was still off.

After some poking around, looking at diffrent setting in the power plan everything else except the hybrid sleep function was set correctly. There are no other GPOs taking effect and canceling the GPP settings. After a bit of looking around we found a nice KB describing the problem!

So the problem is that the index value for on off is switched between GPP and the Power Setting is reversed. Think of it this way; in the power plan ON is the value 1 and OFF is the value 0 but in the GPP ON is the value 0 and OFF the value 1.

To get around the problem install the hotfix found here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2514376/

Why Microsoft hasn’t made this a public Windows Update fix is beyond me, but hopefully this will help you out with this specific issue.


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