Office 2016 Preview – Downloading missing cab files

So I have downloaded the Office 2016 Preview and installed it. It all works fine until you do setup.exe /download configuration.xml

Now the fun starts, the download in it self will work and download the Office CAB files. Well almost. It download some of them but not all.

After some digging I found that missing ones, which do exists on the office365 download site but are not getting downloaded during the pre download phase.

The fix is easy just download the needed files and place them in the Cache folder and you can now install it with local files.

Since I don’t like manual labor downloading x number of file manually is out and PowerShell is in. I created a small script that will download all the required files and place them in the folder specified by the confuigration.xml file. Note that this will require you to modify the configuration file so they are saved locally.

Place the script in the same folder as setup.exe, modify an existing xml file to use a local store or create a new one specifying the settings you want to.

Run the script down Download-Office.ps1 –settingsfile Custom.xml this will then use run the setup.exe and download the files it can, place them in the folder specified by custom.xml and then run the powershell bits around it and download the missing files.

The script also has an –install flag than can be used to install office using the same xml file. Note that it will download the files first and then run the install from the local files (if you don’t want to do and online install). It is not intended to be used as a replacement for the normal
setup.exe install.

The script can be found here

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