Connecting VMM and Operations Manager

When building a fabric domain most want to connect Virtual Machine Manager and Operations Manager to get alerts and information. However many seem to fail with this due to not using the correct credentials.

First off you need to download and import the SQL MP for OpsMgr. They have been removed from the catalog and can now be found here: Download, extract and import them into OpsMgr.

Next we need a service account with Admin privileges in OpsMgr. Create the account and add the account to an AD group and add the AD group to the OpsMgr Admins. While you are in the process of creating accounts we will need another account that OpsMgr will use to connect to VMM. This account does NOT need any privileges at all.

Now go to the VMM console on the VMM server. Go to Settings and then System Center Settings and click on the Operations Manager Server.

Next up is to follow the guide and enter the server name to the OpsMgr server and the credentials. First off is the credentials VMM will use to connect to OpsMgr, this is the account that need to have admin privileges on the OpsMgr Management group. You can also select if you want to enable PRO and Maintenance information. Click next and add the credentials OpsMgr will use to connect to VMM. VMM will give this account all the needed privileges so you don’t have to preconfigure anything for it.

You are now done. VMM and OpsMgr will now have a nice long chat and you can expect some more alerts in OpsMgr.

If you want to get the most out of this you should get a subscription to Azure Operational Insights and connect that to OpsMgr. That way you will get capacity information from VMM and a lot more cool features.


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