Month: September 2014

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU 3 Relased

So CU3 has now been released. Time to upgrade.

Patch and information can be found here

And if you need a small guide om the update that can be found at Johan Arvidmarks blog here

SCCM – Update drivers got a question on how to update drivers for a model/computer that has already been deployed with SCCM and how to make it work with recursive folders. You the scenario” model x needs new Wi-Fi and LAN drivers and I want to be se what files belong to what driver”

It is all kind of easy once you understand what to look for.

Let’s start off with a new collection to get the model we want. Create a new collection (I will use the HP DC7100 as an example)


Give the new collection a name so you know what it contains.


Select Add Rule and then Query Rule so it will keep track of all those computers for you.


Enter a name for the query (keep it simple) and click Edit query statement and then click the Critera tab and select the Star to create a new criteria.


Criterion Type: Simple Value
Where: Computer System Product – Vendor
Operator: is equal to
Value: Hewlett-Packard

Next we also want to filter on a model so select the star once again and this time fill in the following


Criterion Type: Simple Value
Where: Computer System Product – Name
Operator: is like
Value: Hp Compaq dc7100%

Of course you change the above to fit the model and vendor you are looking for.

Next we need to create a package. I find that using packages for this (the old school stuff) is easier than using applications since you don’t have to worry about detection method and generally users won’t care what version there Wi-Fi driver has.

Start by creating a folder to use as a source folder. This is where you will put the script and all the drivers you want to import. I recommend giving the folder the same name as your package (so you know what’s what)


Create a package and name it so you know what it is. I use this naming standard: Vendor Model – Windows Version Architecture So for this we get “HP DC7100 – Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise x64”.

Don’t forget to mark that you have source files and point to the folder you created earlier.

Next specify the information for the program.


Name: DC7100 – Update Drivers Commandline: Powershell.exe –ExecutionPolicy ByPass –File Import-Drivers.ps1 Run: Hidden Program can run: Whether or not a user is logged on

Next we set that this program can only run on x64 machines of the relevant operating system.


Click next and next and Close.

The last thing to do is copy the relevant files to the source folder you have created.

So your source folder should look something like this, the script file in the root and a subfolder for each driver that you want to update.

Now all you have to do is deploy this package to the collection we created earlier and you are done.

The script can be downloaded here: