Month: July 2014

Adobe Products SSRS Report

So, as part of an ongoing SAM project we need to make sure we stay compliant on Adobe licensing. Part of this is running SQL scripts to extract inventory data from Config Mgr. However the problem with this data is that it doesn’t tell you if that Adobe Acrobat version is installed as part of a suite or if its standalone.

As I don’t really like doing things twice I build a report that show all the installed Adobe products except for Flash player, shockwave, reader and some other behind the scene stuff.

So what’s needed? Well first of all to make the report contain the information I wanted I needed to add some attributes to the AD User Discovery job in CM.

To do this just go to Administration, expand Hierarchy Configuration and Discovery Methods. Edit the Active Directory User Discovery and check the tab Active Directory Attributes.


As you can see in the picture I have added five extra attributes to inventory and these are – l; City attribute on the Address tab on a user – givenName; First name – physicalDeliveryOfficeName; Office information on the general tab – sn; Last name – description; Description field Not all of these are used in this report but we use them for other things in CM. For this we only need givenName and sn as we want a full name of the person.


Next thing we need to sort out is the Data source in the report as mine is pointing to our SCCM Server. So open the report in Report Builder and select DataSource1 and then change the connection from the one in use to the one you are actually using.



Save the report and upload it to your SSRS. The report can now be viewed.

Finished Report

Click here to download the report and SQL Query
Adobe Products